Spa Services

Spa Services

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Massage Services
Mind. Body. Soul.

La Riviera Signature Massage
Our signature massage is customized to meet your needs. We offer a journey of relaxation like no other, utilizing Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish or a combination of these techniques to reduce the effects of stress and to restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit. You will experience a release of toxins, an increase in circulation and a sense of relaxation.
60 minutes $85.00, 90 minutes $125.00, 120 minutes $165.00
Deep Tissue Massage
Designed to isolate specific muscle groups, improve circulation and muscle tone with intense deep tissue massage. Helps release tension and relaxes over worked muscles through slow strokes and deep finger, elbow and arm pressure. Your massage therapist will target specific problem areas.
60 minutes $85.00, 90 minutes $120.00
The nine-month journey of nurturing is a special time for the mother. We work on connecting through the power of touch, working with two heartbeats as one. Gentle massage techniques are applied to relieve back pain, leg cramping and improving circulation. For expectant mothers in their second or third trimester only. Safe pregnancy massage techniques are used to serve each stage of pregnancy.
60 minutes $80.00, 90 minutes $115.00
Head, Back & Foot Reflexology
Reflex zones of the feet affect the levels of stress, wellness and energy in the body. Pressure is applied to specific points using ancient thumb techniques. These points, in turn, correlate to specific organs and parts of the body. The results after this treatment activate the reflexes helping to release blockages, improve circulation, promote relaxation and restore a healthy balance to the body.
30 minutes $50.00, 60 minutes $75.00
La Riviera Salon and Spa | Not Just a Salon, a Destination | Metairie's premiere full service salon, spa, massage, waxing, nails and pedicure
Combo Hot Stone Massage
This massage goes beyond the experience of a typical massage. Indulge and relax as your body is therapeutically massaged with a blend of essential oils and smooth heated basalt stones to penetrate tense muscles. The therapeutic touch on specific body points removes blocked energies to create an enhanced sense of well being. This ancient therapy reconnects you with the natural energies of the earth.
60 minutes $90.00, 90 minutes $130.00, 120 minutes $165.00
Time for Two Massage
A perfect massage for couples, mother/daughter, or friends wishing to enjoy this relaxing experience together, each with your own personal therapist. Choose a massage specially tailored for your individual needs. Two therapists, two tables, equal one wonderful experience.
Per Person: 60 minutes $90.00, 90 minutes $130.00, 120 minutes $165.00
Scalp, Neck and Shoulder Massage
This a favorite of everyone and is great for tension headaches. This massage pairs well with 􀁕 to provide you with stress and muscle relief. Your massage therapist works out tight knots and tension areas in the neck and shoulders while you indulge yourself in sheer bliss, allowing your body and mind to drift away, as your scalp is massaged.
15 minutes $25.00, 30 minutes $50.00
Chair Massage
The perfect introduction to a relaxation massage, sit in an easy access massage chair and enjoy quick stress relief that can be done without the removal of clothing. Rise from the chair feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!
20 minutes $20.00, 30 minutes $40.00, 45 minutes $50.00

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